Local Restaurants

Whiteface Club and Resort *    518-523-2551    Lunch, Dinner and Cocktails,  www.whitefaceclubresort.com 

            Moose Lodge Boathouse*   Located at the Marina, best lakeside dining in Lake Placid, check club for special events

                             Reserve the "Captain's table "at the Marina and Dine with your whole group on Lake Placid.

               Cafe' on the Green and Veranda*   Located by the putting green at the Golf course

Lake Placid Lodge                    518-523-2700   Lodge Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Cocktails. Ages 12 and over.


               Artisans             Intimate Dining ($$$$$), Lunch and Breakfast

               Maggie's Pub    Bar Menu, Cocktails, Pool table and table games.

                                                    The Lake Placid Lodge is located a short walk past the golf pro shop see the local map.

Café Rustica                              518-523-7511    Lunch, Dinner and Cocktails. Fine Italian dining, wood fired pizza.

                                                    Located at the Price Chopper mall. www.caferustica.com

 Great Adirondack Steak and Seafood *  518-523-1629   Lunch, family friendly fine Dining, Cocktails and Brew Pub.

                                                     Located in town 2442 Main Street near the Palace Movie Theater. www.adksteakandseafood.com

Liquids and Solids                     518-837-5012    Dinner, adventurous menu, Cocktails, special beers

                                                      Located 6115 Sentinel Road        www.liquidsandsolids.com

Jimmy's 21 *                                518-523-2353    Lunch and Dinner, Italian, Lake side dining.

                                                      Located in town 2425 Main Street.

Interlaken Inn                            518-523-3180    Dinner, Fine dining, Pub menu, Cocktails

                                                      Located at 39 Interlaken Ave.   www.interlakeninn.com

Taste Bistro and Bar                  518-302-3000  Lunch, Fine dining, Pub menu, Cocktails

                                                      Located at 77 Mirror Lake Dr in the Mirror Lake Inn www.mirrorlakeinn.com

Lake Placid Club Boathouse*    518-523-4822   Dinner, lake side dining,

                                                      Located at 654 Mirror Lake Drive.  www.lakeplacidcp.com

The Cottage                                 518-523-2544    Lunch, light dinner, cocktails ,on the lake

                                                      Locate at 77 Mirror Lake Drive    www.mirrorlakeinn.com

All the above restaurants are good choices, check out their websites, except for the Lake Placid Lodge all are family friendly. However some are more geared to adults

 * means I would take my grandkids  ( they are 4 and 6) .

Below are restaurants that are more laid back, kid friendly or a pub atmosphere.

Lisa G's                             518-523-2093    Lunch, dinner, cocktails, pool table

                                                       Located at 6125 Sentinel Rd  www.lisags.com

Lake Placid Pub and Brewery  518-523-3813 Lunch, Pub menu dinner, brew pub, pool table, sports bar

                                                       Located at 813 Mirror Lake Drive www.ubuale.com

Smoke Signals                518-523-2271  Lunch, Dinner, barbeque, drinks , lake view

                                                       Located at 2489 Main Street www.smokesignalsq.com

Delta Blue                        518-523-3106  Lunch, Dinner, Cajun food, drinks, sports bar, evening entertainment

                                                        Located at 2520 Main Street www.northwoodsinn.com

The Dack Shack             2099 Saranac Ave, Lake Placid, NY 12946 , (518) 523-3555,  simplygourmetlakeplacid.com

Take Out    

      Pizza             Main Street Pizza    518-523-5800  2673 Main St., Lake Placid www.laleplacidmainstreetpizza.com

                            Italy Pizzeria 518-891-9000  27 Main St., Saranac Lake  www.littleitalypizzeriainc,com

        Italian               Villa Vespa   518-523-9789    2250 Saranac Ave., Lake Placid www.villavespa.net

      Sandwiches       Simply Gourmet 518-523-3111 2099 Saranac Ave., Lake Placid www.simplygourmetlakeplacid.com

Catering                Villa Vespa

                           Café Rustica

                           Simply Gourmet

Mexican         Mis Amigos 518-523-3452 2375 Saranac Ave,, www.misamigoslp.com 

Fast Food             McDonald's, Subway in Lake Placid, Pizza Hut on way to Saranac Lake

Food Stores     Price Chopper  in the Price Chopper strip mall just at the top of Whiteface Inn Lane @ one mile from   

                           from the house at the top of Whiteface Inn Lane and Saranac Ave. open 24 hours 518-523-2790

                           Hannaford food store located off of Saranac Ave at 45 Hadjis Way also @ one mile from the house


Liquor Stores    There are many in Lake Placid the closet is located in the Price Chopper Strip Mall, beer is sold in

                             food stores.                             

Pharmacy           The closest is the Kinney Drugs in the Price Chopper Strip mall. 518-523-2011

Health Food Store   The Green Goddess Natural Market 2051 Saranac Ave. www.greengoddessfoods.com

Coffee  There are many good places to get coffee is the area but for those that have the need there is a Starbucks on Main Street in

               town and there is a Dunkin Donuts in Saranac Lake.

Spa and Massage- Mirror Lake Inn (518) 523-2544